Get Involved

There are four ways to get involved with our campaign today!

    • FOLLOW: Add Richie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in touch.
    • MEET: Check out the Events page to see where Richie’s already going, or ask Richie to attend your local event – anywhere across the Texas 10th! To request a visit, email or text message the campaign at (512) 931-4969.
    • DONATE: We’re running a streamlined campaign, but travel, events, and media cost money. Anything you can give is a huge help. The Donate page will lead you through the simple process in just a few minutes.
    • VOLUNTEER: So you’re really on board with Richie and you want to chip in the biggest gift of all – your time. Amazing! We can use all skills, from driving to polls to brainstorming to planning events to analyzing data to being social media ambassadors and everything in between, depending on your particular skill set.  Fill out the form below to tell us more about yourself, and the campaign will be in touch with you to plug you in.